Complementary Technology

WS2 complements services of Techenomics

Techenomics is constantly seeking new ways to provide customers with total fluid management solutions, including partnering with complementary technology providers. Techenomics monitors technology developed and provided by other companies which can help clients reduce costs related to fuel and oil consumption and this resulted in Techenomics distributing state-of-the-art NanoLub® IF-WS2 Nano-Formulated products in Australia, Oceania, South East Asia and Northern Asia.

The NanoLub technology has been developed by NIS and works with a wide range of oil and fluids in a variety of environments and in various operations. NIS Corporation’s NanoMaterials Ltd VP Sales and Marketing Itsik Havakuk says, “Techenomics customers, among them transport operators, mining contractors, OEMs, vehicle manufacturers, mining equipment, fuel and services companies as well as manufacturing facilities, can now benefit from the enhanced machinery performance and reduced operation costs, made possible by our products.”


Techenomics’ CEO Chris Adsett says the WS2 technology sits well with our fluid management and condition monitoring services. “Our oil analysis, fuel analysis, coolant analysis, and lubrication and filtration solutions are designed to predict maintenance issues in engines and hydraulic equipment before they result in costly repairs or even failure while the NanoLub products improve the lubrication properties of oil and reduce component wear resulting in lower operating temperatures and longer lasting, more effective oil.”

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